El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (2019) – Review (SPOILERS)

The movie begins at the end of Breaking Bad, we follow Jessie Pinkman who has just escaped from the compound that he was locked in for months where he was forced to cook for Jack. The El Camino story follows Jessie’s journey running from the cops, he is all over the news, a wanted man.

The movie does really well of capturing the Breaking Bad feel, you can tell all the actors got straight back into their previous roles perfectly, especially Aaron Paul. Throughout the film we got many Breaking Bad characters return, we get to see Mike right at the beginning telling Jessie he would go to Alaska which is foreshadowing the end of the movie.

We also see Badger and Skinny Pete, who really help Jessie out at the beginning, they played their roles perfectly once again and played a pivotal role in the film. Also we see a few other characters throughout the film such as Joe, Jane & Todd. We see more into the life on Jessie while he was locked in a cage, we see a day in the life of Todd and how he deals with his problems.

The story itself is very straight forward and not as complex as Breaking Bad was, its a man on the run who needs money to get away, as simple as that. Along the way of course he comes across his problems and meets new foes, there is a fantastic scene near the end where Jessie has a old fashioned western shoot off with a guy and completely destroys him

Finally of course, right near the end we get what we was all waiting for, Bryan Cranston appears as Walter White once again. This was in a flashback, it looked to be around the time season 2 was happening, Jessie and Walt were trying to sell the last of a batch, and we got some wise words from Walt and a great scene.

Although the story wasn’t as complex as we might of wanted, it used flashbacks in a really good way, such as Jessie trying to find Todd’s Money, then it cuts back to Jessie and Todd in the apartment dealing with a dead maid. There was yet again some fantastic scenes and writing and the acting was as always 10/10.

Overall i really enjoyed this film, it wasn’t necessarily needed, but it was a great addition to the story that we know and it gives Jessie Pinkman an ending of settling down in Alaska, finally getting away after all the times he came close, he is now free.

Did you enjoy this Movie? does this get you even more excited for Season 5 of Better Call Saul? – We didn’t see Saul in this maybe to avoid spoilers for the end of that show!

An Article Written by Niall Kelly