Everything We Know About -The Batman

The Batman is an upcoming movie directed by Matt Reeves, the director of War For The Planet Of The Apes. The Movie is currently scheduled for release on June 25, 2021, but this could always change.


Robert Pattinson will be playing Bruce Wayne / Batman, when this was announced fans were split, the main complaint seemed to be “the guy from Twilight?”. Pattinson is much more than that, he has had some really good performances in recent years including his new film The Lighthouse.

Zoe Kravitz was next to be confirmed, she will be playing Selina Kyle / Cat-Woman. Jeffrey Wright will be playing Commissioner Jim Gordon, which i think was a great casting choice, he has been fantastic in Westworld. Jonah Hill was in talks to play either The Penguin or The Riddler but he is no longer in the running, because of an apparent dispute over money, however Paul Dano has been officially cast as the Riddler now.

In most recent casting news, Colin Ferrell has been rumoured to be in talks to play The Penguin and Andy Serkis in talks to play Alfred Pennyworth, which i would be all for, but these are not confirmed yet.


Not much is known about the story line of the movie but it is expected to be set in the 90s, focusing on a younger Batman. I would like to see this movie dive into Batman’s detective skills similar to the Arkham games, watching Batman solve the puzzles that The Riddler has left him. I think Pattinson could play the role perfectly of a younger more revenge driven Batman.

Overall this movie seems to be doing everything right so far, Pattinson is a great lead, Matt Reeves seems like the perfect fit, along with some great side characters, we are in for a good movie. Are you excited for The Batman?