Everything We Know About The Pokemon Sword & Shield Anime So Far!

The Pokemon Sun & Moon anime is coming to an end and the brand new series is premiering on the 17th of November, we want to look at everything we know so far.

The series has been titled “Pocket Monsters” which is the same as the original series. It will take place across all eight of the regions from Kanto through to Galar. As always we have our main protagonist being Ash joined by his Pikachu, but we also have a brand new main character called , who has Scorbunny as his partner. The two will travel across all of these regions together but we are unaware of what exactly they will be doing, we do know that Gō has a dream of catching every single Pokemon but he mainly wants to catch Mew.

Official Poster For The New Series

Team Rocket have also been confirmed for this series with their trusty Wobbuffet. Team Rocket have been following Ash around since the anime begun, trying to catch his Pikachu. They didn’t appear as much in Sun & moon and they had a much more relaxed role in the series so it will be interesting to see if that continues going forward.

Team Rocket Official Announcement Artwork

Ash & will be reporting to a base in Vermillion City known as the Sakuragi Institute, here there is a brand new professor called Professor Sakuragi who will probably act as a mentor for Ash & and guide them on their journey’s, similar to how Professor Kukui played a massive part in Ash’s Alola adventure. Another character confirmed is Koharu, who is the daughter of Professor Sakuragi, she owns a Yamper. It’s not known what her role will be in the series but its possible she could be another travelling companion for Ash.

Professor Sakuragi

That is everything confirmed for the series so far, but there is some cool things that everyone noticed, the logo design is similar to the Movie 20 & Movie 21 design, which could hint at a possible reboot. It is also very interesting that the series is not going to be solely based off the new games, the first time the Pokemon anime has done this.

We cant wait for this new series to begin, and to see what different themes and concepts they use moving forward.

An Article By Niall Kelly

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