FIFA 20 – Game Review

FIFA 20 has been out for a few weeks now and I have spent many hours playing its various modes, the game has had a lot of bugs on release. The main problems seem to come from career mode with many features including new ones not doing what they should. Such as if you are being interviewed in the new “press conference” feature, you will get asked about your unbeaten run, despite having lost games.

Despite a few early bugs the game is still enjoyable to play. The main game mode as every year is of course FIFA Ultimate Team, which hasn’t really changed much from FIFA 19, there is a few new menu’s and a new seasons feature which you could compare to the Fortnite battle pass, in ways where you level up and earn rewards each level, which I think is a really cool new feature.

Now getting on to gameplay itself, there isn’t too much different to FIFA 19, the game feels a little bit slower paced, passing takes a bit longer to reach its receiver and crossing and heading has been massively nerfed, you will mainly get your joy playing through the middle of the park and shooting with finesse shots on the edge of the box. Shooting near post is very overpowered, almost every shot will go in.

As most FIFA games, pace is key, if you have players on your team with over 87+ pace you will 99% of the time be able to run in behind your defender without being caught afterwards but the defending in the game can sometimes cause problems with this, players seem to have a lot of men back most of the time and they will set up to intercept and block your shots and passes on the edge of the box, so you have to be quick with your movements.

Overall this game is very fun to play, although it can be very frustrating like any other FIFA game with the amount of blocks and rebounds that you will concede, it’s a shame it had so many bugs on release but some of them have been fixed now. I also enjoy the additional icons they have added such as Ian Wright, Michael Essien, and of course Zidane, it just adds more to the game and gives a little more content for players to enjoy, of course there is a massive reliant on ultimate team to spend money to get the best players, but I’ve found you can still build a very good team without spending a penny. Like most people i’m sure we will enjoy playing FIFA this year but we cant say that it isn’t without its flaws.

Article Written by – Niall Kelly

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