Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 1 Review!

After the events of season X and it’s ending leaving many players confused, the black hole that was left on players screens for 2 days eventually evaporated and then we were introduced to ‘the new world’.

The introduction to your first game where you are dropped from the battle bus into a solo match with the Ruckus song by Konata Small playing in the background was a really good touch, and the fact that the map was completely grey with ??? all over the POI’s which meant you had to visit everywhere in the new world to unlock it on your mini map. We can see that the map is totally surrounded in water and I noticed straight away that things were different, the pump shotgun had changed, SMG’s were no longer silenced, they had taken away my beloved heavy sniper rifle! Where were the Chug Jugs? .. Launch Pads? .. How do we get around? Lots of items were vaulted with the start of chapter 2, maybe it’s for the better but I’m not so sure yet.

Boats have now become the main form of rotation but I still feel this is not enough, I do believe this map is a lot bigger than the old one, some people may not agree but I feel this map is more detailed and defined, in the areas between POI’s you can find so many interesting places that you’d never even think to land at for example you have landmarks like Lockies Lighthouse, Hydro 16, Risky Reels, the multiple EGO barracks that are all unnamed on your map so you have to explore to find them! and let’s not forget about the woodworks shop with that many pallets you can max your wood in under a minute but I’ll keep that place a secret for now.. there’s so much hidden between named POI’s it’s crazy but as I said earlier I feel boats are not enough, in terms of rotation.. I’d enjoy to see some quadcrashers back or some form of new ATV cause the old golf buggy was terribly slow, maybe we can put some of the roads around the map to actual use!

The mechanics and the controls of the game didn’t change much although everything does still seem to have a new feel to it, they did bring in the option to change your edit setting to ‘confirm on release’ which means after you’ve selected your square pieces in edit mode as soon as you release the button it will confirm the edit and for controller players this is huge! Although PC players will always have an edit advantage in my opinion as a controller player I’ll take anything we can get. It may just be me but I feel the building and sensitivities do feel different, the gameplay is good, the colours of the game have a different vibe, it feels slightly more realistic as a battle royale than chapter 1 did and you can now fish! Fishing is one of the new mechanics they have added alongside being able to carry a knocked teammate, these two things have become very important.

As for fishing.. you can fish out 3 different types of fish to eat for health, you have a small fry which grants 25 health all the way up to 75 health a lot like bandages. You can carry 6 in a stack. Next you have a Flopper which grants 50 health, you can carry 4 in a stack and then you have the Slurpfish which heals for 50 effective health which means it depends what you need, shield or health abit like the old Slurp Juice but it’s instant, you can carry 3 of these in a stack.

Being able to carry your knocked team mate is also new, it’s so handy that if your friend gets knocked while your running from the storm you can pick him up and carry him to the new zone for the revive, this gives so many more opportunities where in old games knocked team mates were either revived on the spot or their reboot card would have to be collected after dying and would have to be resurrected at a reboot van, now you can carry your friend away to safety and try to revive in peace and quiet!

The only one thing I was disappointed about with the new chapter was the introduction of bots, back in chapter 1 we would call genuinely bad players bots but Epic Games have done one better and this chapter have actually introduced computer assisted AI bots, and they’re terrible! They don’t even put up a good fight, for me as a player I want to face somebody on par with myself, I like the sweaty build battles, the trap plays, I like having to step back and stop fighting my opponent sometimes and analyse the situation, with bots they come at you thick and fast, spraying their AR’s at nobody and when you shoot at them they put their weapon away and start pickaxing walls for materials! They are too easy to kill and give me a false sense of achievement. I suppose they are good for new players learning the ropes but considering I have played since Chapter 1: Season 3 I like to have some competition.

Overall I am very pleased with chapter 2 of Fortnite, I think they have made some amazing changes for the better, it has taken me and I’m sure a lot of other players, time to get used to it, but I like where the game is going at the moment. Bring on Chapter 2: Season 2!

An Article By Connor Kelly