Fortnite: Season X Big Event – A Big Disappointment..

As season 10 of Fortnite came to a close, players were hit with the shock of one of the worst events ever. All seemed promising as the rocket launched creating a giant rift for the meteorite to go through, thus saving the day. However as a rift reopened above loot lake plummeting the meteor down into the ever luminous orb of season 10.

Players were hit with quite the surprise as they were zoomed out from the Fortnite map and met by a black screen. For a few brief moments things seemed promising as a black hole type image appeared for excited players and viewers but as the seconds turned to minutes, and the minutes turned to hours people were understandably left frustrated in front of there devices as it seemed Epic games really did mean “this is the end”.

Many streamers, youtubers and casual players took to social media to voice there frustrations and some people took the opportunity to make a joke of the whole situation. One user claiming Fortnite had ruined there night as they had made time around the event assuming it would be epic.. but as various things in Fortnite, it was underwhelming and disappointing.

We can still look forward to whats to come when Fortnite is back up and running again but for now we are just left with nothing.

An Article By Nathan Hobbs