Fortnite – The Game Everyone is Playing!

For a while now Fortnite has been dominating the gaming scene and it’s not hard to see why, the game itself is free to download and play and is also cross platform so you can play with your buddies who don’t have the same console as you. Its qwerky cartoon like visuals give it a different feel to your usual realistic shooters and to have something new is a breath of fresh air. On the other hand the visuals are overlooked and the game is perceived to be for the younger generation due to the colorful vibe it brings but this hasn’t stopped gamers of all ages playing regardless.

Fortnite has a few game modes but we will be referring to the battle royale as it’s the most popular. The aim of the game is to be the last man standing of the 99 other players who have joined the same game as you. In the beginning after parachuting into the map you will land and start the game with nothing. It is then your job to find yourself a weapon, some shield and something to heal yourself with, just like every other battle royale. Over the course of the game you can use your handy pickaxe to collect heaps of various materials such as wood, stone and metal, then use them to your advantage by building structures when under attack by an enemy.

The building of structures in this game is what makes it so different and unique compared to your usual battle royale shooter. We are able to place four different types of structure while playing the game. These are a wall, a ramp, a flat floor and a pyramid roof shaped piece. These can all be combined together to make some really strong structures that you cannot be shot through or you can combine them together to get the high ground over your opponent

I have found Fortnite to favor the players that are higher than their enemies raining down fire upon those unlucky players beneath them who haven’t built cover, but if you hit your shots then building is not always essential. Due to the nature of the game and the fact that you can build anything you like at any given time it means that every game can have a different outcome, you can win in so many weird and wonderful ways, for example you can use different devices such as damage traps, launch pads and cozy campfires to help you get through the game. We could say Fortnite has two sides to the game, we have the usual shooter elements such as gun fights, bullet drop on certain weapons, aiming, reloading, throwables, explosives and healing items. Then you have its unrealistic side where you can build the Taj Mahal in seconds to avoid being shot at! with the mixture of shooting and building I suppose we could say this game is like a mashup of Call Of Duty and Minecraft.

Just like any other game Fortnite has its problems, we are up to season 10 now and some areas of the game have caused massive backlash with certain fans. This was caused by some features that have been added to the game throughout the seasons such as the use of planes, zombies and more recently the mech but despite these issues Fortnite has continued to grow and bring in new players.

If you have never played Fortnite before I suggest you at least give it a try, its not for everybody but it sure isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, its here to stay!

Article Written by – Connor Kelly

AKA – Hypez93

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