Living With Yourself (2019) – Netflix Review (some spoilers)

Living with yourself is a brand new TV show on Netflix starring Paul Rudd and created by Timothy Greenberg, which premiered on the 18th of October, it consists of 8 episodes each around 25 minutes long. There is quite a small cast of characters for this show but all of them perform well.

The show’s story line is around Paul Rudd’s character called Miles Elliot. Unhappy with his life and current situations he decides to go undergo a mysterious treatment which was referred to him by a friend, the treatment is supposed to get rid of all the negativity in Miles’ life and replace his body with good feelings and positive vibes. It reminds me of the Rick & Morty episode where Rick and Morty go to get there toxins removed

Once the procedure is complete, Miles wakes up a new man, quite literally, he has been cloned and now two Miles’ exist and they found out that having two people trying to live one life can be tricky. I really enjoyed the outline for this story, its something I’ve never really seen before and it was really interesting to me. Especially with how Paul Rudd portrays both versions of himself, and the emotions that he makes these characters feel is played very well, with one version being very down about his life, hating his job and wanting better for him and his wife. And then the other version just being cleaned of all his toxic thoughts, being happy and care free up until he finds out he is a clone which is when he questions everything.

As the series progresses we learn a lot more about the characters back stories and past events. The show does a fantastic way of story telling with one episode being mainly focused on events of a certain character and the next episode will tell us what a different character was doing while that was going on, its a very unique way of showing out events and i really enjoyed it.

The shows main focus is the three characters being Miles, Miles’ Clone and Kate who is Miles’ wife, we see all of there day to day lives, how they get on at work and how they treat each other at home. Past events start to make a bit more sense as you get further into the episodes.

The last few episodes were really enjoyable, with some great action packed moments including an awesome Paul Rudd Vs. Paul Rudd brawl, which the actor himself said was extremely hard to shoot. But overall i really liked this show, it was fun to watch and i would recommended it to anyone who just wants a different type of story. A low budget series can just be just good as a massive one as long as the story telling is good and in this case it was.

The ending itself didn’t satisfy me as much as i wanted but there was some good final few moments between all the characters leaving it open for another season which i would welcome.

An Article By Niall Kelly