Meet The New Galarian Ponyta!

Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield are out next month and the fans were treated to a 24 hour live stream which throughout hinted at a new pokemon. We got to see glimpses of it every now and again and finally at the end of the stream we got the full reveal of a new Galarian Ponyta.

It is a very unique take on the original fire horse Pokemon, and is now being called the unique horn Pokemon, rather than its usual flames acting as its mane and tail, it now has a blue and purple fluffy mane which made everyone guess it to be a fairy type, along with its new tiny unicorn.

Despite the predictions of the fairy typing, including my own, the Pokemon official website came out and confirmed it was actually a Physic type, which i think is a cool take on Ponyta, and we have had many new Fairy types in the recent games so it was a nice change.

Galarian Ponyta comes with a brand new ability called Pastel Veil. This Ability prevents the Pokémon and its allies from becoming poisoned, It can even cure the poisoned status condition of its allies when this Pokémon enters the battlefield.

Ponyta has a glistening mane. As stated on the Pokemon website “Galarian Ponyta can absorb the life energy of the surrounding atmosphere and store it in its mane. It seems that Ponyta’s mane will become more colourful, and even emit a sparkling glow, if there is a lot of energy around”

The only down side to Galarian Ponyta is that it is a Pokemon Shield exclusive, so if you were planning on getting Pokemon Sword you wouldn’t be able to find it, you would have to stick to Sirfetch’d.

Let us know will you be getting Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield, and has your mind changed after this reveal?

An Article Written By Niall Kelly

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