Rick and Morty S4E01 – Edge of Tomorty: Rick Die Rickpeat – Review! (spoilers)

Finally the new season of Rick & Morty is here and it begins with Morty being dragged into another one of Rick’s crazy adventures, they end up on a crystal planet where Rick shows Morty these blue crystals which show you different ways you’re going to die.

Morty steals a death crystal from the planet so he can make sure his death involves growing old with Jessica. Rick dies.. within 5 minutes of the episode and the episode takes a crazy turn with multiple ricks being cloned into multiple reality’s, including a shrimp Rick. Morty is in control of his own death and takes each action carefully to make sure he dies the way he wants, until he messes it all up by trying to reason with a bully, i really enjoyed the concept of Morty being able to determine his death.

Morty turns into The Terminator, he ends up killing the bully’s and then we see the return of the much loved Meeseeks! who Morty asks to shield him from the cops. Most of the episode revolves around Morty and how he’s dealing with using the death crystal, i liked the concept of his whole life being controlled by one outcome, meanwhile Rick is just stuck in a loop of being cloned into different beings which includes a hilarious moment with a Wasp version of the family all chomping down on Mr. Goldenfold.

The episode ends with a climatic battle between a giant rick, the original Rick and Morty. Rick frees Morty of the death crystal so he learns to live in the moment and stops living his life controlled by the crystal, then together they defeat the giant Rick and things go back to normal. The final few moments are great, we get a throw back to the first episode where Rick is screaming “100 more years”. They discuss what kind of future adventures they need to go on and rick says “sometime’s we wont even do anything”.

This was a great season premiere, it had some really good jokes, a nice story line and for the main part, was a Morty episode. I always enjoy Morty focused episodes because he’s gotten so much better since season 1 and has grew as a character, doesn’t take as much crap as he did back then. Overall a fantastic episode and we cant wait for the next one!