The Mandalorian S1E01 – Chapter 1 Review! (spoilers)

The first episode of the Mandalorian has just aired on Disney+ and i really enjoyed it, here’s my thoughts.

The episode gives us a great introduction to our main character “The Mandalorian” played by Pedro Pascal. We see exactly why he is a famous bounty hunter by the way he deals with his targets in the bar. There is a mysterious vibe about him straight away, we don’t know his name and cant see his face, as the episode goes on we learn what sort of bounty hunter he is, we can tell he’s ruthless but at the same time can be compassionate. He keeps a bunch of his bounties on his ship frozen in carbonate which reminds us of Han solo.

There was some really nice shots in this episode, the landscape and angles of some of the planets looked amazing. The Mandalorian travels and meets up with Greef Cargo who is played by Carl Weathers, we didn’t learn to much about his character but it seems like he will have a big role to play in upcoming episodes. The Mandalorian learns of a large bounty from Greef and heads out to obtain it.

The Mandalorian meets a man called “The Client”, this guy seems like he’s a going to be the main source of bounties for our main character, he gives him the bounty, but doesn’t reveal the identity of the person. We get a quick glimpse of The Mandalorian’s headquarters, he speaks with a woman known as “The Armourer”, she seems to be a mentor figure for him.

The Mandalorian is sent to a new planet called Arvala-7 to deal with his latest bounty, he meets a Ugnaught called Kuiil, played by Nick Nolte. I really enjoyed this character, he tried to help the Mandalorian the best he could so that his planet and people could thrive again, he helped train him to ride a Blurrg and then set him off to capture his bounty. I hope we see a lot more of this character. Once the Mandalorian reaches his destination, he meets IG-11, a bounty droid played by Takio Waititi, i really liked how this droid turned up and stole the show, he helped to take over the base in a great final showdown, there was a fantastic moment where The Mandalorian managed to steal the enemies gunner and use it to wipe out the rest of the men.

The final scene was a shock to me, we finally learn who the bounty was and it was an infant that belonged to the same species as Yoda. I thought this was a great twist because we don’t really know much about Yoda’s race and the idea of learning more is very appealing. Im interested to see what happens with the infant in the next few episodes and to find out who he is and how he got there. The Mandalorian takes the infant into his care and refuses to kill him like IG-11 wanted to do, instead The Mandalorian kills IG-11 and thats the end of takio waititi’s character, which i was slightly disappointed about.

Overall this episode was amazing, i really enjoy the slow paced story telling, slowly learning about all these different characters and their motives. There was some great visuals and music. I cant wait to see where this show goes, it makes me excited that there already planning more seasons.

Rating: 8/10